Dance With 3 Count by 3 Count / 3 Minutes by Jim Johnston

Mike’s daughter: Well kids, our learning with numbers continues on The Mike Check Show.

Mike Check: It’s “The NEW Mike Check Show”, there darlin’.

Mike’s daughter: Oh, excuse me; “The NEW Mike Check Show”, and today’s number is the number three. And we all know a song about that, so let’s “Dance With 3 Count”:

Mike Check: Ain’t we supposed to talk about the rasslin’ now?

Mike’s daughter: I know that 3 Count used to be a WCW faction, but why dad?

Mike Check: Well, whenever RJ and Brad play this song on WWCR: The..Wha…I mean…they talk about rasslin’.

Mike’s daughter: Very well, to talk about WWE and the number “3”, let’s see…the referee counts to three when someone wins, uh, there used to be a tag team called “3 minute Warning”?

*Knock at the Door, Mike’s Daughter opens it and Eric Bischoff is standing outside*

Eric Bischoff: Did I hear someone just say: “3 Minutes”?

Eric Bischoff (*looks behind him and there’s no one there*): Oh…I forgot…never-mind. Force of habit. (*Eric leaves*)

Mike Check: Phew, that was a close one.

Mike’s daughter: Dad, that’s because Jamal and Rosie are no longer with us.

Mike Check: I didn’t know they—

Mike’s daughter: Don’t say it!

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