Just The Two Of Us by Grover Washington Jr.

Mike’s Daughter: Well today is April 2, so you know what number today’s song is about dad?

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Well yesterday we played a song about the number “1”, so today’s song will be about the number—

Mike Check: …Oh? Two.

Mike’s Daughter: Too bad they didn’t have educational shows like the NEW Mike Check Show in your day dad? You could have learned how to count and not be such an Idi…I mean…silly billy.

Mike Check: For your information there, ole Mike can count quite well up to twenty…well twenty one if you count my—

Mike’s Daughter (*quickly interrupts*): That’s awesome dad. But—

Mike Check: And the youngin’s at home, if they’re able to watch this, are easily able to count to the number “2”…so you may want to cover up those “two” there darlin’? (*points to his daughters D plus sized boobs*)

Mike’s daughter: Oh? (*embarrassed and tries to cover her boobs by attempting to fold her arms over them*) Uh? Do we have a song for the number “2”, dad?

Mike Check: Don’t worry there darlin’, the youngin’s are probably just reminded that they’re hungry for milk anyway? But speaking of the number “two”, since yours truly, ole Mike, just lives together with my darlin’ daughter. That means it’s “Just The two Of Us” here. So why don’t we play that here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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