Old John Bradelum by Sharon, Louis And Bram / One Is The Loneliest Number by Three Dog Night

Mike Check: Oh well hello there youngins! It’s me Mike Check, celebrating our “8 years of whac…” I mean our “8 year anniversary”. I’m here along with my dear daughter here on The NEW Mike Check Show. Say hello.

Mike’s daughter (*sigh*): Dad, just because we are now Rated G, do really have to change our whole format to a kids show?

Mike Check (*ignores his daughter*): Why hello there too darlin’. And yep, we are now a kiddie friendly show because there were some complaints that we needed to be more “educational”? Oh, speaking of that. Did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the Las Vegas Market…?

Mike’s daughter: Dad, keep it “G Rated”…

Mike Check: Oh…well me and…then we…Oh, should we play an educational song instead for the youngin’s there?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes and there’s nothing more educational than numbers, we talk about numbers all the time, don’t we dad?

Mike Check: Yep, you always are yelling at your ole pappy about you having to work at that there dancing club and don’t have enough money to support this here radio progrem. Would you like to show the youngins one of your dances?

Mike’s Daughter: NO!!…I mean, no dad. Lets hear a song about numbers?

Mike Check: I know the perfect song there; It’s “Old John Bradelum” here on…THE MACK…I mean…The NEW Mike Check Show!

Mike’s Daughter: Well that was fun. Why don’t we continue counting, starting with the very first number—

Mike Check: What’s that?

Mike’s Daughter: Really? THE NUMBER ONE!!…I mean, your such a silly billy, daddy, ha ha.

Mike Check: Well, I know a song for that too. “One” seems to be a number that is all by itself, so it must be very lonesome there. So let’s hear; “One Is The Loneliest Number”, here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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