Over The Wall by Echo and The Bunnymen

Mike’s Daughter: So dad, you probably have heard that I had a conversation with wrestlecrapradio.com about our show?

Mike Check: Well yes and no, you wouldn’t let me in on what it was all about there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Well R.V.M Kai informed me that “The President of The United States” wants us to change the format of The Mike Check Show to a “G” rated program and it must be done by next Month.

Mike Check: April? Well that’s our “8 Year’s of Whackin'” celebration?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah, about that, I don’t think we can use terms like “whackin'” after next month either?

Mike Check: But why? I don’t understand there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Well the reason I was given was…uh…well, you see…Our particular market, he said, is full of criminals and rapists and if we don’t make these changes….uh…they’re gonna build a huge wall outside our house and make us pay for it?

Mike Check: Why that scoundrel?! We should only be entitled to pay for only for half of it! I knew that there rotten apprentice of ole Mike’s would do that to yours truly one day?

Mike’s Daughter: That’s not actually the point…but yeah…he’s a bad man, isn’t he?

Mike Check: Don’t you worry,  I have a darn tootin’ great idea for our new format which will play just as well in our particular market. We’ll get “Over The Wall, you’ll see”…oh that also reminds me of an “Echo and The Bunnymen” song, here on…THE MACKER!

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