Make It Super Loud by Photronique / Is It Love by Twenty 4 Seven

Mike Check: Weeelll there fellers! Valentines’ Day is over but “Love On The Ropes Month” continues with—

(*knock at the front door and Mike Check opens front door*)

R-Truth (*at the front door with Carmella*): Whassup! I’m R-Truth and this is my mixed tag team partner Carmella. Is this the…’Mike Chalk’ residence?

Mike Check: No, you may have me confused with someone else there feller?

R-Truth: Oh sorry. My bad. Well we better get—

Carmella: Truth. Truth. I think this is Mike Check’s place. You got the name confused…a-gain.

R-Truth: Oh sorry. Yes. Hi Mike. Me and Carmella are here on our second vacation—

Carmella (*interrupts*): Truth, when you told me that we were going to California, I thought you meant L.A., Hollywood, or even Disneyland. Why did you drag me to this old loser’s house in the middle of nowheresville?

R-Truth: Carmella, don’t you know what Mike is?

Carmella: Ah? Nope.

R-Truth: Mike Check is the greatest Radio D.J. in the world?

Carmella: You knew that but you couldn’t get his name right? Whatever. What are we doing here anyway?

R-Truth: Well you know how we love our 7 second dance breaks? Well Mike will provide us with 7 times 24/7 seconds of tunes for us to party to. That’s like about…two weeks?

Mike Check: Ah? I not sure if that Math is in fact correct but, anyway, what exactly is a dance break there feller?

R-Truth: Why do you keep calling me “feller”? Are you related to Sheamus?

Mike Check: Who’s….?

R-Truth: Hold that thought. Because it’s time for a…

Both R-Truth and Carmella: DANCE BREAK!!!

Mike Check: Whoa. Fascinating. After seeing you and…oh especially that pretty filly Cinderella’s dance moves, I think that ole Mike can provide you both with a “dance break” till the end of “Love On The Ropes Month”.

R-Truth: Ha Ha. Did you just call Carmella a Filly? Ain’t that like some kinda horse?

Carmella (*Looks up after not paying attention*): What? I was just checking out my nails and I wasn’t listening. Did Mike just call me a horse?!

Mike Check: Weeelll….No. No. I meant that you’re ‘fascinating’, not that you’re literally a—

Carmella (*kicks Mike in the balls*): No Mike, I’m, Fab-u-lous. Truth, let’s go! (*storms away*)

R-Truth (*goes after Carmella*): But, But, I never got to find out if he was related to Sheamus?

Mike Check: Ouch. While my two little fellers recover, here’s 7 seconds…I mean…Twenty 4 Seven with “Is it Love” here on the…Ouch…THE MACKER!


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