New Slang by The Shins

Mike Check: OW! My head!

Mike’s Daughter: Are you ok Dad?

Mike Check: Yeah I’m fine. How long was I out?

Mike’s Daughter: For about a day or so.

Mike Check: WHAT?!?

Mike’s Daughter: You’re usually out at least a day anyways after you finish a bottle of whiskey.

Mike Check: Let me see the calendar! Oh today’s the day I have to start Raggy David’s week of songs. *looks at his personal record catalogue*. No its not there. Raggy David wants me to learn some “New Slang”. Maybe for a new job?

Mike’s Daughter: No Dad, its a song by The Shins.

Mike Check: That’s a silly name for a band! I don’t call myself “Dick Assman” Now again–

Mike’s Daughter: Here Dad. Here’s the song!

Mike Check: Oh thanks Darlin’

Mike’s Daughter: No problem Dad. *mutters to herself* I had to do that because Raging Demons is keeping a close eye on us after I failed too screw up his songs last year.

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