Freedom 90 by Craig Robinson

Mike Check: Well Fellers. Ole’ Mike Check got himself out of another situation. I talked to them Angry Canadian fellers–

Mike’s Daughter: That you caused.

Mike Check: That I–It was a simple misunderstanding there Darlin’. After I took to the streets there yo’. Everything was settled. Even my precious daughter here helped out.

Mike’s Daughter: You mean by costing me at least $10,000 to feed and drink about 50 Canadian wrestlers.

Mike Check: Well I–

Mike’s Daughter: Save it. Just that you owe me Dad. Also I see that your short on a comedian to play to end your week on comedians.

Mike Check: Well I didn’t have time since we were dealing with all these angry Canadians there Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: So I helped you out there by getting a song for, well an “up and comer” comedian, that you might be referencing to Dad. A guy by the name of Craig Robinson.

Mike Check: Never heard of the feller.

Mike’s Daughter: Well I have it set up and ready for you to play. He sings “Freedom 90”

Mike Check: Isn’t that by that George Mchael feller there that runs a banana stand you told me about?

Mike’s Daughter: There’s always money in the banana stand.

Mike Check: I’m not sure I that understand that particular reference there Darlin’, but I’ll play the song here on…THE MACKER!!!

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