Blame Canada by Robin Williams

Mike’s Daughter: What the Hell?!

Mike Check: What is it Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: I come here and there’s a song about us blaming Canada?!

Mike Check: Well Canada has been the cause of our problems as of late like Ann Murray, that Feeber guy you said he was–

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah I know what I said about Justin Bieber.

Mike Check: And that band you said was horrible. What was it? Dimeback? Quarterback?

Mike’s Daughter: Its Nickelback *shiver* Dad.

Mike Check: Well it isn’t my idea that Robin Williams sang this song. He was singing a song that was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Original Song”

Mike’s Daughter: For what movie?

Mike Check: Well I dunno, my memory is kind of hazy since its a new song. I think the movie…has to do with a park…North Park? East Park?

Mike’s Daughter: Was it South Park?

Mike Check: Yeah. That’s it!

Mike’s Daughter (facepalm): We’re in trouble.

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