Truckin’ Trees For Christmas by Red Simpson

Mike Check: Weell hello there fellers! It’s December, so it’s time for KMCR’s annual “Christmas Carousal”! And although ole Mike had kept it a secret last year, ole Mike fell on some hard times, so we here had to resort to selling Christmas trees to make some dough.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, it wasn’t much of a secret since you told RD and Blade about it on WCR!

Mike Check: Oh? Right? Weell, this Christmas, since ole Mike enjoyed selling trees so very…very…very…much, I’ve decided to
grow a Christmas Tree farm just like my Great Grand Pappy Jack Check used to…before his farm sadly went bust.

Mike’s Daughter: Eh? Dad? I don’t think we will be selling any trees this year?

Mike Check: Why not darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter (*points outside*): Look.

Mike: (*Looks outside and sees that the trees are all dead*) Oh…well it seems that our “bald cypresses” are actually “bald”. Shucks, it seems that daddy won’t be able to buy you that “Celeron” computer for Christmas like I promised last year?

Mike’s Daughter: Eh, thanks dad, but my phone has a better processor than a plain Intel Celeron computer anyway?

Mike Check: Oh? Then I’ll have to find a way to afford you one of those new fangled Amiga 500’s instead, cause ole Mike sadly won’t be “Truckin’ Trees For Christmas” with Red Simpson, here on…THE MACKER!

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