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The Bargain Store by Dolly Parton

I don’t know why there are so many crazy fellers at the Mall on the day after Thanksgiving? This reminds me of a story that RJ told, on WWCR: THE WHACKER, where he saw some filly collecting seven candy bars…one at a time, until she made up the cost of her $100 gift card? Then there was a feller with a shopping cart full of strawberries and only “one” cucumber? Why only one…?

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Hold that thought there fellers. (*picks up phone*) Hello, KMCR? Mike Check here?

gay-popeyeGay Popeye: Aw gyuk gyuk gyuk! Well blow me……………….

Mike Check: No?! Is that you, Happy Hawkeye?!

Gay Popeye: …………DOWN! Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk! It’z Gay Popeye here and I wantz to tell yez why someone wouldz want just “one” cucumber, preferably onez thatz BIG, BURLY and RIPE. That remindz me of y—

Mike Check (*interrupts*): Goodbye feller! (*hangs up phone*)

…Anyway, enough of that…as there was another bizarre miracle moment in RJ’s story where he saw a woman pop out of her wheelchair and used it as a shopping cart?…It seems that people will do anything for a “bargain”??? Just like Dolly Parton at “The Bargain Store”, here on…THE MACKER!

Let’s Turkey Trot by Little Eva

Happy Turkey Day there fellers! So let’s celebrate Thanksgiving by doin’ the “Turkey Trot” here on…THE MACKER!

The Measure Of A Man by Elton John

Going The Distance by Bill Conti

Keep It Up by Snap!

War by Vince Di Cola

Go For It (Heart and Fire) by Joey B. Ellis and Tynetta Hare

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