Zombie Zoo by Tom Petty

Mike Check: Weeelll there fellers! We here at The Mike Check Show have had Undead Zombies, Voodoo Queens, Boogeymen…and whatever that Broken Matt feller is supposed to be? You could say that our ‘Halloween Hootenanny’ this year has felt like—

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? What are we going to do with these Zombie corpses?

Mike Check: Oh, I forgot about that?

Mike’s Daughter: How the hell could you forget about…?!

(*Mike’s Daughter in interrupted by a knock at the door*)

Mike Check: Oh no?! That there Su Yung isn’t back?!

Mike’s Daughter: Don’t be silly dad. Besides, Su Yung wouldn’t knock.

(*Mike opens the front door and sees, “Woken” Matt Hardy’s caretaker, Senor Benjamin*)

Senoir Benjamin: Buenos días Señor Check. I am here to clean up mess in room.

Mike Check: Thanks there feller, this place was starting to look like some kind of “Zombie Zoo”…which reminds ole Mike of this Tom Petty song, here on…THE MACKER!

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