Just an Illusion by Imagination

*What remains of The Zombie Maid Of Honor is still upright due to the unknown attacker. The attacker gets her fist out of The Zombie Maid of Honor’s head and her fallen corpse collapses on the floor.*

“Woken” Matt Hardy: How simply quite–DELIGHTFUL! YYEESS!!!


Mike Check: ROSEMARY!

Mike’s Daughter (in the kitchen): WHAT?!

Mike Check: I said its Rosemary!

Mike’s Daughter: Its rainy?!

*Rosemary flicks her wrist*

Su Yung: But…how?!

Rosemary: WE had to protect Bunny since she was brought into Hell. After Bunny escaped Hell, WE literally fought everyone in Hell just to escape! Now WE have some catching up to do!

Mike Check: Darlin’ who’s Bunny?

Mike’s Daughter (in the kitchen): What’s funny?

*Rosemary lands such an uppercut punch to Su Yung that she staggers out of the house and into the street. Rosemary continues the onslaught of blows land punch after punch on Su Yung. Su Yung collapses in the middle of the street but is still living*

“Woken” Matt Hardy: Hurry “Mary of Roses”! Concentrate all of your energy on that vile servant of The Dark Deities so she can be–DELETED!

*”Woken” Matt Hardy and Rosemary fire all their energies at Su Yung. Su Yung is severely weakened and slowly starts to get up. Rosemary screams in disgust.*

“Woken” Matt Hardy: The vile servant of The Dark Deities is too strong! Maybe I should summon Brother Nero or Samael for their–

Mike Check: Darlin’ He’s here! The Boogeyman is here! Now you can see him!

Mike’s Daughter (in the kitchen): Can you wait for minute? I’m almost done cleaning this fishbowl!

*The Boogeyman runs from behind and gives Su Yung a Boogey Bomb. Boogeyman grabs a handful of worms from his bag and shoves them in Su Yung’s mouth.*

“Woken” Matt Hardy: GREAT SCOTT! The Man of Boogey was able to weaken the vile servant of The Dark Deities. Now everyone! Concentrate your energies on her again!

*”Woken” Matt Hardy, Rosemary, and The Boogeyman fire all their energies at Su Yung. Su Yung screams in pain until she finally explodes leaving no debris*

“Woken” Matt Hardy: That was simply–WONDERFUL! AHHAHAH YYEESSSSS! *claps* *The Boogeyman scampers off*

Mike’s Daughter: Well it took me some time but I got this fishbowl completely cleaned. “Napoleon” here is such a cutie.

Mike Check: Darlin’! You just missed the most epic battle of the century! Rosemary, that “Broken” guy, and The Boogey–

Mike’s Daughter: DAD! How many times did I tell you?! The Boogeyman is just an illusion inside your head!

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