Voodoo Woman by Bobby Goldsboro

*The Zombie Maid Of Honor moves to the front of the party and grabs a stairway*

Mike Check: Now they are definitely not supposed to do that!

Mie’s Daughter: They’re coming up the stairs! Why isn’t your damn no-zombie potion isn’t working?!?

Mike Check: I don’t know. The guy was well referred. You can always trust a guy who lives in his own van.

Mike’s Daughter (facepalms): That’s it. I’m going to die. Keiran Lee said my audition scene was the best he ever experienced. My career was almost set. Then my DAD was forced to do this “house probation” deal so he lives in my house. I’m going to die. I’m going to die in a badly written zombie movie! I-

Mike Check: One of them is a voodoo woman possessing the body of a zombie Darlin’.

*Mike’s Daughter breaks down and starts to cry*

Mike Check: Just like a filly to break down and start their cryin over a little zombie outbreak.

*The front door is being repeatedly pounded on by The Zombie Bridal Party*

MikeCheck: All right Chop Suey or whatever your name is!

Mike’s Daughter (sobbing): Its Su Yung.

Mike Check: I couldn’t do anythink to you all those years ago, *finds a baseball bat and wields it* but now your facing Mike Check that’s ready to go down swinging.

*The door breaks open as Su Yung and her Zombie Bridal Party finally breaks into the house*


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