Addams Family Theme by Vic Mizzy

Mike Check: BOO! Hoped I scared you there. That was the theme from the TV Show “The Addams Family” by Vic Mizzy here on–

*Mike Check’s Daughter throws the door open and slowly drags herself in with her suitcase on wheels*

Mike’s Daughter (exhausted): Man they shouldn’t let drunken frat boys in the club–

*What Mike’s Daughter didn’t realize that Mike Check was staring in horror as he saw the night sky slowing turning into a purplish-blue hue with red clouds*

Mike’s Daughter: Especially when they grab you from behind and–

Mike Check: DARLIN’ SHUT UP!

Mike’s Daughter: What the–

Mike Check: Just look at the sky!

Mike’s Daughter: What do you mean–Holy SH–

*Fog slowly builds up around the neighborhood*

Mike’s Daughter: This is getting creepy around here!

Mike Check: Darlin’ Look!

*From a distance a group of people slowly shambling their way towards the Mike Check house”

Mike Check: She’s here! My god she’s here!


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