Dumb Reminders by No Use For A Name

(*phone rings*)

Mike’s Daughter: Hello KMCR, Mike’s Daughter here?

Raging_Demons (*on the phone*): What the hell is going on here?! I thought I told you 5 months ago not to lay a finger on any of the music or—

Mike’s Daughter: Please, don’t send my dad to jail. I had to take over as punishment after what my dad did at the start of the month. And all I’ve done is play some of Netflix’s Glow soundtrack from season 1…and nobody in Swastikas or white hoods have showed up.

Raging_Demons: Yes, but—

Mike’s Daughter: And I didn’t even interfere with R.V.M Kai’s requests last month…although I should have after he sent Disco Inferno to co-host as a rib!

Raging_Demons: Okay, fine. You can play the music for now…but I have one favor to ask you, and make sure not to screw this up!

Mike’s Daughter: What is it?

Raging_Demons: The “Warped Tour” is doing its last ever tour after 23 years. I thought I would try to get your dad some cross-promotion. So for the rest of the month, I’m sending you some specific requests for you to play.

Mike’s Daughter: Really? The “Warped Tour” is ending?! Okay, in that case I won’t let you down.

Raging_Demons: Good. I just hope that I don’t need to send any “Dumb Reminders” or else, like the band, you’ll have “No Use For A Name”…Wait a minute? D’oh!

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