Money For Nothing by Dire Straits

*phone ringing*

Mike Check: KMCR radio?

Raging_Demons: Mike I need you and your daughter here for a phone conference.

Mike Check: Darlin’! Raggy David wants you on the phone!

Mike’s Daughter (yelling from her room): What the Hell Does That Douchebag Want?!

Mike Check: What do you want there?

Raging_Demons: Its about a recent announcement that RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton made and it involves you two.

Mike Check: RJ & Brad announced that I’m working again for WWCR!

Mike’s Daughter (comes running down the stairs and hits the phone speaker): I interrupted my time with a “man on a boat” for doing this but are RD & Blade going to re-hire my Dad?!

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that–

Raging_Demons: What?! No! They are not– The reason why I’m calling is that Eric Bischoff publicly said in an interview that Deal, who wrote the book “Death of WCW“, with Bryan Alvarez, as a “clown” & claims their book as “horsecrap”. So Deal is going to respond to that by showing up at “Starrcast” event at “All In”.

Mike Check: All In?

Mike’s Daughter: “All In” is this super independent pro wrestling event promoted by Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks. Which is great for RD but why does this involve us?

Raging_Demons: The condition for Deal appearing on “Starrcast” is that they will also have a “Wrestlecrap Radio” podcast there as well.

Mike Check: So they want ole’ Mike Check to do a live remote for WWCR after I did one on Mars eh?

Raging_Demons: Not exactly. We at don’t exactly do Money For Nothing. We’re making preparations now just in case Deal & Blade wants any of you which means I have to work with the California Department Boards on Corrections & the Department of Probation so I can get Mike over to Cleveland, Ohio.

Mike’s Daughter: So what your telling me is that my Dad, Mike Check is “All In”?

Raging_Demons: Maybe?

Mike’s Daughter: Maybe?!?

Raging_Demons: When they let us know we let you know.

Mike Check: That does not play well in my market there Raggy David I want to know now!

*phone click*

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