Bow Wow Wow by Konnan ft. Mad One

Mike Check: Weeell Fellers, we’re here joined by our new guest co-host The Disco Duck—

Disco Inferno: No Mike, you’re still getting my name wrong. It’s Disco Inferno, or D.I. is acceptable also.

Mike Check: Well okay G.I., what song would you like us to play today?

Disco Inferno: *sigh* It’s D.I not G.I. That’s very disrespectful. But anyway, I will be requesting, for obvious reasons, for you to play mostly Disco music. Although, if you listen to my show ‘Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan’, my song picks of the week are quite eclectic, so I can play anything…well, anything except “burb metal”.

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there feller?

Disco Inferno: You don’t even know what what burp metal is? It’s probably still better than anything you play on The Mike Check Show?

Mike Check: I highly doubt it there feller. I can’t see you greenhorns over on WWKI 100: “The Wacky!”—

Disco Inferno: Wait? Did you just nickname my show “The Wacky”?

Mike Check: I sure did there feller. And you wacky fellers wouldn’t know what plays better in my market better than ole Mike Check?

Disco Inferno: Wanna bet? Why don’t I pick a rap song by my podcast co-host Konnan on…Actually, don’t bother to find the CD, I have the song right here (*hands Mike the CD*).

Mike Check: Okay feller, weelll here’s “Bow Wow Wow” by Konnan featuring Mad One, here on…THE MACKER!

Mike Check: Hold on there just a minute feller? That sounds like you?

Disco Inferno: Ha Ha Ha. See. I told you that I could play the best music here on The Mike Check Show. But to be fair, here’s the original version:

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