Disco Inferno by The Trammps

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check (*picks up phone and puts it on speaker*) Hello, KMCR? Mike Check speaking?

R.V.M Kai: Hello Mike. It’s R.V.M Kai from wrestlecrapradio.com. You know, usually at this time of the year, either myself or Raging_Demons usually call in to give you and your daughter an earful about the disasters that occur during your anniversary specials but…that whole Martian thing…? I just don’t know what to say…?

Mike Check: Weeelll is that good or bad there feller?

R.V.M Kai: I…I…I don’t know? I mean…well one thing; what was the deal with the part where STAN: The Evil Troll Lord wanting to eat your daughter’s implants??? I mean…really? Who came up with such convoluted ideas…?

(*The call is interrupted by a knock at the door*)

Mike Check: Excuse me there feller, I’ve got someone at the door. (*opens front door*) Hello?

(*Theme: Disco Fever by Petty Durham, JJ Maguire and Jimmy Hart*)

Disco Inferno: Hey what’s happening Mike?

Mike Check: Who are you there feller? Some John Travolta impersonator?

Disco Inferno: Don’t you remember? I’m The Disco Inferno. I was supposed to co-host your anniversary show last month but you never called back?

Mike Check: Hmmm. No, I’ve never even heard of you there feller?

R.V.M Kai (*voice heard on phone speaker*): I should have known. ‘Disco’, what a co-incidence? The guy who had the idea for the Martian invasion of WCW…not to mention other great ideas like The Invisible man and “Bill Ding” The Evil Architect?

Disco Inferno: Hey, whoever you are on the phone, that’s very disrespectful. Some of those gimmicks were either said not seriously in booking meetings or were actually Terry Taylor’s ideas. For that, I’m adding you to the “Disco List”.

R.V.M Kai: I’m on the poor man’s version of “The List Of Jericho”?

Disco Inferno: Well did you know that “The List” is an offshoot of the “1001 Holds List” that I came up with?

R.V.M Kai: Whatever. (*to Mike*) Anyway Mike, I was going to request some Eurovison songs…but never mind. I’m hanging up now. See ya…and have fun Mike! (*snickers and hangs up phone*)

Disco Inferno: Interesting. See, he hung up because he knew I was right.

Mike Check: So Disco Stu…?

Disco Inferno: Mike, that’s not how you pronounce my name, that’s very disrespectful. I’d also put you on the list for that but…I came here to announce that I’m co-hosting The Mike Check Show with you for the rest of the month…since I co-host everyone else’s shows anyway? So what do you say?

Mike Check: …Fascinating. Well it’s seems that we now are now experiencing: “Disco Inferno” here on…THE MACKER


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