Space Cowboy by Steve Miller Band

“Woken” Matt Hardy: Ahahhahaa! Yeeeeeeesssss! Wonderful! The King of Trolls STAN has been “DELETED” once and for all! Well my involvment has now concluded, so I will now teleport back to Cameron, North Carolina, on Earth. Doctor Brown and Martian citizens, please assist Meek Check and friends in returning back home as Vanguard One can only allow one extra being to be teleported with myself. Come “Khali: The Great”.

Mike Check: Why thank ya there Wookie Matt and before you go…Hooray for Khail Claus!

The Great Khali: ARGH-Blerpper-Eek-Pfft! Goodbye! Grrr-Pfft! (*Matt and Khali teleport away*)

Mike Check: Well it seems that everything is back to normal? Although I don’t think anything that’s happened this whole month could ever be considered normal there fellers?

Kimar: Mike Check, on behalf of the Planet Mars I apologize for all the inconveniences that you have experienced this month? How can I make it up to you?

Mike Check: Weell, that’s okay there feller. It’s all water under the bridge. This has been one heck of an adventure, let me tell you. But right now, I want to go home…to Earth that is.

Kimar: Affirmative, Mike Check. But it will be unfortunate that there is no Martian with your experience to play your Earth music here on Mars?

Checkdar: Weellll, although I should not since you tried to execute me Kimar, but I will offer my services to play music on Mars. Mike Check has taught me everything he knows and I will have my 8 year old whiz-kid daughter to assist me.

Mike’s Daughter: You have a daughter? Where is she?

Checkdar: She is currently performing her Martian studies.

Mike’s Daughter: Good. I just hope she doesn’t experience here like what we have on Earth which females call a “glass ceiling”? Because hopefully she won’t have to end up having to make money by dancing on a pole like m…I mean…like a friend I know.

Checkdar: I am not sure that your reference is understandable? Why would you have glass ceilings on Earth? To better observe the stars perhaps? And what type of employment would involve the use of a “pole”?

Mike’s Daughter: Uh…? (*tries to change the subject*) So Kimar. Are you making Checkdar a deejay or not?

Kimar: Affirmative. I will agree to make you, Checkdar, in charge of all radio duties. And I also apologize, you may be a fool at times, but this seems to be a task that I think that you will be well suited for.

Checkdar: Well as they say on Earth, ‘Please and Thank Ya’ there Kimar. Oh, and Mike Check, could I procure a what you call a “cowboy hat” from you?

Mike Check: Here, you can take mine. I have plenty at home there feller.

Checkdar: (*Puts on Mike’s cowboy hat*) Weelll know feelers! You can now call me the “Space Cowboy” here on…THE MACKET…I mean…MACKER!

(*All laugh*)

Mike Check: See you don’t need me, you have a wonderful Martian “Mike Check” that will work well your own market.

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