Spaceballs by The Spinners

Mike Check: Fellers. It looks like we’ve finally got rid of that Sam once and—(*stops mid-sentence as he sees Damien wakes up from his weakened state*)

Mike’s Daughter: Looks like we still have a “little problem” to take care of?

Damien: Wrong! The only problem that needs….Wait?! What happened to my father?!

“Woken” Matt Hardy: Vile offspring of STAN, your father The King of Trolls has been “DELETED”!.

Damien: Nooooo! There is no way that you infidels could have defeated my father STAN: The Evil Troll Lord! But you won’t stop me as I plan to rule Mars myself! Now, Jimdar, I promise to keep my father’s word to you to give you all the power and wealth you desire if you capture Mike’s daughter for me right now!

Clairdar: Do not do this Jimdar! Leave the Earth woman alone!

Jimdar: Shut your Kcufing mouth, woman! (*to Damien*) I will gladly comply with your demand as I consider this Earth woman as merely another whore like her father and my wife! (*Jimdar motions over to grab Mike’s daughter but instead kicks Damien in the testicles as hard as he can which launches Damien into outta space*)

Mike’s Daughter: Thank you ah…Jimdar? But how did you manage to do that without your foot catching fire.

Jimdar: It was no problem. The pig skinned objects that I kick in my Spaceball matches are at a much hotter in Temperature that of, as what you colloquially call, his “balls”! Did you know that I produce four down-touches in one particular match?

Mike’s Daughter: Spaceball? What’s…?

The Great Khali: (*shrinks back down to size and his scream interrupts Mike’s Daughter after he notices that STAN is still conscious*) Ahagghh! Noooooooo! Ahagghh!

“Woken” Matt Hardy: It seems that the vile King of Trolls has “WOKEN”?!

Doc Brown: Great Scott! The Explosive Space Modulator loaded with 1.1 Gigawatts of power should have done it?

Mike Check: Fascinating.

Mike’s Daughter: Dammit STAN! Why can’t you just die already?!

STAN: Have you got any more bright ideas there you puny mortals?! You think a puny rocket and chopping my down to size is gonna stop an Evil Troll Lord like me?! (*looks around*) Wait! Where’s my son Damien?!

Jimdar: It could be said that I have sent miniature Kcufing offspring of yours into deep space by kicking him in his “Spaceballs”!

STAN: Whaaat?! Noooooo! But I promised you power…! That’s it! If you want something done right you just have to do it yourself (*grabs Mike’s daughter*) Don’t come any closer or I’ll make lunch out of your Mike’s daughter’s boobies right now!

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