Rapture by Blondie

Mike’s daughter: Really Doc Brown, you brought The Great Khali in a rocket to Mars to help us? But how is a 7 foot Indian with bad knees going to stop STAN?

The Great Khali: (*kicks down his spacecraft’s door*) AAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!

STAN: My Mazi servants; Get him!

(*The Great Khali grabs the Mazi’s all by the head with his skillet sized hands and throws them all down*)

STAN: You fools! Damien do something!

Damien: Yes father. (*Damien employs his “shape-shifting” abilities and turns into a clone of the Great Khali and over powers him*)… Bwhahaha, I got him father!

(*All of a sudden, a beam of light appears out of nowhere and “Woken” Matt Hardy makes an entrance*)

(The Deletion Anthem by CFO$)

STAN: Who the heavens are you!?

“Woken” Matt Hardy”: Aahhhhhh! Yeeeeeessssss! I am, “Woken” Matt Hardy and I have teleported from my humble abode in Cameron, North Carolina, on the planet Earth, along with my loyal friend Vanguard One, to help save the radio disc man known as Meek Check.

Mike’s daughter: How did you know?

“Woken” Matt Hardy: You see woman with large mammary glands, ever since The Martians had imprisoned the beast they call STAN: The King Of Trolls into the “Zone of Phantasia”, it had caused the Owl Men of Anthem to change their tune and allowed me to “PROCURE” the full ownership over the “Broken Universe”…it also caused my wife Rebeca to create more joyous Tweets on the Media of Socialness…but that is another story. And now my “Broken Brilliance” and “Woken Wisdom” have been “RESTORED” and I have “WOKEN”! Yeeeesssss! And now, once again, I have the ability to communicate with the seven deities. But, in recent times, the seven deities have been in distress ever since the martian deity known as “Chochem”, the Sage of Mars, has been “DELETED” out of existence.

Mike’s daughter: Chochem was a deity?

“Woken” Matt Hardy: Aaaahhhhh! Yeeeeeessssss! There are several deities contained around the Universe. And as revenge, the seven Earth deities have sent me to Mars to prepare the battlefield for “RAPTURE”!

STAN: Enough of this! Damien, Mazis, get him!

(*Damien and, the now conscious Mazis, let go of Khali and go after ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy. Woken Matt gives a high frequency gasp that causes the Mazis’ heads to explode and weakens Damien’s powers, also casing his shape-shifting abilities to fail*)

“Woken” Matt Hardy: Ahahahahha! yeeeessss! Your vile Mazi’s and your evil powers of metamorphism have just been “DELETED”! Ahahahahhaha! Yeeeeeesssss! Ahahahahahah!

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