Intergalactic by Beastie Boys

(*STAN’s son Damien and the three Mazi’s have captured Mike Check’s daughter and have brought her to Mars*)

Mike’s Daughter: Let me go, you slimy creeps! And what have you done with my father?!

Mike Check: Darlin?

Mike’s daughter: Dad! You’re alright?!

Mike Check: Yes there darlin’.

STAN: Oh, how touching. I’ll give you your opportunity to say any last words with each other before I get my Mazis to connect her to the Silicone draining machine. And don’t do anything smart, as my loyal Mazi servants will shoot you!

Mike’s daughter: (*runs over to hug her dad*) Dad! I’m okay, don’t worry about me!

Mike Check: But how did they capture you?

Mike’s Daughter: Well, that pip squeak Damien apparently has shape shifting abilities now and he had disguised himself as Doc Brown. He told me that he had come back from the future and had a flying saucer to take me to Mars to save you. I was stupid enough to believe him.

Mike Check: There There, It’s not your fault. And I don’t know why this SAM would kidnap you for silicone? You don’t have one ounce of silicone in your body?

Mike’s Daughter (*nervously folds here arms over her huge fake boobs*): Uh??? Yeah, I don’t understand it either dad?

STAN (*interrupts*): Okay, the family reunion is over. So, are you ready?

Mike’s Daughter: Okay, but before you torture me, will you at least tell me how you managed to escape the Phantom Zone?

STAN: Well basically, we were floating around space and happened to bump into another Phantom Zone that contained the three Mazi prisoners, who you know, and are now my loyal servants. Anyway, we all crashed landed here on top of Chochem, and the impact caused both Phantom Zones to Shatter, allowing us all to escape! Yes, it was that easy!

Kimar: Impossible. The Phantom Zone was designed by our finest scientists in our “Intergalactic Planetary” to be Indestructible?

STAN: Yeah, and that’s the same thing that you said about your stupid Robot, Torg 6? I guess they don’t make them like they used to, huh? Your Martian technology might as well be made by the damn Trolla Corporation?

Mike Check: Hey, the Trolla company’s has made some fine good products, let me tell you. Just ask Premier Blake (*winks*).

STAN: Whatever. But before I drain Mike’s Daughter’s “silicone”, let me tell you about my evil plan that I have in store. I will use you Martians as my army of slaves to fly a fleet of your flying saucers to invade the Earth, so I can finally take it over.

Kimar: Negative! No Martian will ever follow such a plan!

STAN: Really, not even if I turn you into Jimdar’s MMQ sauce making slave? (*to Jimdar*) I could help create your MMQ restaurant side business into an Universal empire, which will be more profitable than you have ever imagined?

Jimdar: Hmmm, that plan sounds tempting?

Kimar: What?!

Mike’s daughter (*interrupts*): You’re sick, STAN!

STAN: Yes, but lucky for you that you won’t have to see what will happen to the Earth because, let’s just say, that you will be the one that will be “sick” by then…and we will all “know about it” too. Now, my Mazi servants, take her away! And as for the rest of you Martians, as your new God, I command you invade—

(*voice from a distance*) Not so fast!

STAN: Oh?! Who is it now?! …Oh no, it’s Doc Brown?!

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