Mean Green Mother From Outer Space by Levi Stubbs

STAN: So you puny Martians, since Chochem is now dead, and I have just declared myself your new King…or better yet, allow me to be your new prophet and God. Bwhahhaha!

Kimar: STAN, you may have destroyed our sage, Chochem, and frightened my people with your fire and fury, but as leader of Mars, I will not allow you to have any power over my planet!

STAN: Oh really? If my son Damien’s firepower doesn’t scare you into worshiping me, perhaps some old friends of yours will make you change your mind? My Mazi servants! (*Three evil “Mazi” Martians appear*)

Kimar: Mazis!? But how can this be? Their forces had all died in the Great Martian War? It was the Earthling Mike Check who inspired us to wipe out their evil by playing a song by some human known as Slim Whitman. His voice is so hypersensitive to the Mazis ears that it causes their heads to explode.

STAN: Well you should have remembered that before that even happened you had locked these three Mazis in the Phantom Zone. Thus they survived as they were basically floating around space at a safe distance from hearing that song. So by co-incidence, their Phantom Zone also just happened to smash into our Phantom Zone causing us all to crash land here on Mars, on top of Chochem no less, also causing our prisons to shatter and allowing our escape. And now, the Mazis are my loyal servants…isn’t that right?

Mazis (*all*): Yes King STAN!

STAN: Excellent! Well, the first thing I want you Mazis to do is (*turns his attention to Mike Check who is sneaking away*)…Hey Mike Check, where do you think you’re going?

Mike Check: Well there feller, I was just going to the bathroom?

STAN: A likely story. If you where thinking of sneaking away and grabbing any Slim Whitman records, I’ve had them all the copies on Mars destroyed…I hate Slim Whitman!

Mike Check: Oh, you fellers are going to make ole Mike use a curse word here you: “Mean Green…MOTHERS From Outer Space”!

STAN: Uh? I don’t think my Mazis are going to be offended by…hey, isn’t but that that song from “Little Shop Of Horrors”?

Mike Check: Yes and perhaps this song will help make your darn Mazi heads explode here on…THE MACKER!?

Mazi #1: Nope, It didn’t.

Mazi #2: Me either?

Mazi #3: Why don’t we destroy Mike Check now King STAN?

STAN: No, I want Mike to live so he can see what I have about to have in store for him. Mazis, take Kimar prisoner. And now that I STAN have officially taken over Mars, the rest of you Martians will all soon do my bidding. Bwhahhaha!

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