King of Mars by Monster Magnet

Jimdar: What the Kcuf has happened to Chochem?!

Kimar: Chochem has been crushed by an object from out of space?! The object seems to be…negative…this is impossible?!

Mike Check: What is it?

Kimar: Mike Check, this object is what is known as “The Phantom Zone”. Do you remember six of your Earth Months ago when a creature known as STAN: THE EVIL TROLL LORD and his son Damien were about to imprison you and your daughter, who’s name escapes me, to a realm that you call “Hell”?

Mike Check: I don’t quite understand your particular reference there feller?

Kimar: Do you not remember in Earth’s previous October month that I had saved you by imprisoning those vile creatures in the phantom Zone for 1000 years? But this prison seems to be empty? They couldn’t have escaped that’s impossible?!

Mike Check: Oh, you mean that “SAM”? No, or was his name…?

Jimdar (*interrupts*): Who Kcufing cares what his name is! This is merely another Kcuf up by our fearless leader Kimar! I’m starting to think that I would do a better job of running this planet?!

(*voice from the background*) And perhaps you shall! Bwhahahahahah!

Mike Check: SAM?!…I mean STAN?!

STAN: Yes, Mike Check…I’m baaaaaaaaaaack! For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I am STAN: The Evil Troll Lord and this is my son Damien. I am the being who planned to take over Earth by possessing and trolling Wrestling personalities on social networking sites. But now I have a new plan and I will use you Martians to execute it for me. As with Chochem being dead, I will now be your new prophet and God!

Kimar: You will not do such a thing! Get him Torg 6! (*Torg 6 rushes over to crush STAN but Damien sets the huge robot on fire and destroys it*)…That is impossible?! Torg 6 was designed to be indestructible?!

STAN: Nothing is indestructible when faced up against my son and I: The New “King Of Mars”. And now, you defenseless Martians will now worship me as my new slaves.

Jimdar: Defenseless?! Slaves?! Over our dead bodies! Go Kcuf yourself!

(Jimdar runs to attack STAN but Damien stops him by building a wall of fire between him and STAN.*)

Damien: Still wish to be barbecued, Martian!?

Jimdar: …Or maybe not! (*kneels down and bows*) Oh, hail King STAN!

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