Loving The Alien by David Bowie

Mike Check: Weeelll, I’m still here on MMCR, and…I hope Jimdar is not listening to this?

Clairedar: Jimdar would not be listening to this, he dislikes your show strongly. But I do not care. My husband does not appreciate me anymore. But I appreciate you Mike Check.

Mike Check: Look, this is getting out of hand. Now, no one appreciates the fillies like ole Mike Check does, I’ve been with bunches of them, which is why they say that I have allegedly many children out there. But one thing I can’t do is be with a married filly…weelll…not since that time in 198…

Checkdar: I am confused as to what’s going on here, but should we be continuing to play Mike Check’s Earth music?

Clairedar: Shut up Checkdar!….(*suddenly feels pain*) Ahhhh!

Mike Check: What’s wrong there Clairedar?

Clairedar: My antennae are feeling painful! Quick Checkdar, leave here and contact a physician in person! Post haste!

Checkdar: But…

Clairedar: Go! now!

(*Checkdar leaves*)

Mike Check: So what do I do now there?

Clairedar: Why don’t you stroke my antenna furiously, that will help make the pain subside. (*Mike Check does so*) Ohhhh. That feels much better! Pleasure my antennae again!

Mike Check: Wait?! What just happened here?!

(*Checkar bursts in with a doctor, along with Jimdar, Gaiedar, and Kimar*)

Jimdar: What the Kcuf is going on here!?!?!

Mike Check: It’s not what it looks like?! I don’t think?

Jimdar: It looks like you are hand Kcufing my wife!

Clairedar: Yes, Jimdar. And he was better at it than you ever were.

Mike Check: I was??? But I still don’t know what’s going on here fellers?!

Clairedar: Sorry Mike Check. But I tricked you into giving me pleasure. I feel ashamed of myself.

Mike Check: Pleasure? But, for once, I gave a filly pleasure and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Fascinating.

Jimdar: Enough! (*gets out his ray gun*) I will shoot you into the next dimension immediately!

Kimar: Negative. Jimdar, put down your weapon. I will send Mike Check to our Brig before deciding what punishment he will endure?

Mike Check: So you’re sending ole Mike to the slammer!? But it was all an accident there feller, honest.

Kimar: Accident or not, adultery is a crime. Get him Torg 6! (*Torg 6 carries Mike Check to the Brig*)

Mike Check: Fascinating.


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