Supersonic Electronic by Zlad!

Jimdar: This video is commencing with a countdown!? Finally a video preparing for an execution…Oh Kcuf! Why does it stop at “2”?

Mike Check: I don’t know there feller?

Checkdar: Is this Earthling known as Zlad from the future? And why is his use of the language you call “English” so poor?

Jimdar: Perhaps he is as stupid as you Checkar!

Mike Check: No, I think he’s some foreign guy making a joke? And by “foreign” I mean from another country where English is not usually spoken.

Jimdar: Why the need for so many languages on Earth?! How unnecessary! We have only one language on Mars. Although there were previously two before we defeated the Mazis in “The Great Martian War”!…And look this Zlad, he can’t even perform countdown properly?!

Mike Check: Weell, I—

Gaiedar: Oh! My apologizes Mike, but this Zlad is so…”large and Muscular”! I do not know why, but when he states the words “I put my butt plug in your socket”, it makes me feel—

Jimdar (*interrupts*): …Like an imbicile, just like this Zlad! And how in the Kcuf do you have a ‘flat tyre’ in a spacecraft?! There is no need for wheels on a spacecraft as it flies?!

Mike Check: Uh? Perhaps this song is all a joke…you know as in a ‘parody’?

Checkdar: So this song is not factual?

Mike Check: Weelll, judging by the budget of this music video, I don’t think that this feller is “richer than all the Tsars” or even a “Dictator”, let me tell you? Oh, and the pretty filly in the clip’s accent, I’m not sure if it sound “Austrian” or “Australian” but it’s definitely phony?

Checkdar: Is there a difference?

Mike Check: Yes, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a “joke”, it’s not true there fellers!

Jimdar: Well this imbecile does speak one truth, he is indeed a “washed up superstar”…just like you, Mike Check!

Mike Check: Weell, that’s your opinion there feller. Where I come from, I’m “the bestest”…I mean ‘best’…Now I’m doing it?

Jimdar: “Long Live Molvania”? Like you, this must be what you call a “joke” since there is no such country on your planet known a Molvania!?

Mike Check (*sarcastically*): Perhaps there is on Uranus?

Checkdar: Molvania on Uranus? Negative. I do not understand your meaning?

Gaiedar: Oh…I for one DO understand Mike Check’s meaning. And I would have much enjoyment in orbiting “Uranus”, Mike Check. If you understand “MY meaning”?

Mike Check: No thank you, there feller.


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