Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65

Checkdar: What is this next song Mike Check?

Mike Check: Weelll, this is one of those new fangled Euro Techno songs, it’s called “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Checkdar: (*snickers*)

Mike Check: What’s so funny there feller?

Checkdar: On our planet, “Da Ba Dee” means (*snickers*)…well…as you politely say on your planet; ‘to go to the bathroom’ (*snickers*)

Mike Check: Ah, you mean like taking a poop?

Checkdar: Poop. (*snickers*) Now there another humorous Earth colorful metaphor (*snickers*)

Jimdar: Checkdar! Stop your immature laughter! And Mike Check! Cease using that type of language at once or go Kcuf Yourself!

Mike Check: Sorry.

Checkdar: It is strange that everything on that creature in this song’s planet is ‘blue’?

Mike Check: Perhaps the meaning of “blue” is a metaphor for “sadness”?

Checkdar: On Mars, the metaphor for sadness is ‘green’.

Mike Check: But aren’t you fellers already green?

Jimdar: Yes, green actually describes every emotion! Metaphors are useless on our planet, just like listening to this…this…”music”!

Mike Check: Well on Earth, the color green can mean “envy” or is can mean “inexperience”, just like the times when I call RJ and Brad “greenhorns” for having less experience in the radio game than ole Mike.

Checkdar: What does having a green horn have to do with inexperience? Is that why you wear that cowboy hat, to cover your green horn?

Jimdar: Stupid question, Checkdar!

Galidar: Well. Whatever the color of your “horn” Mike Check, I am sure that it is…”LARGE AND MUSCULAR”! And by “horn”, I was using it as a metaphor for you pen—

Mike Check (*quickly interrupts Gaiedar and changes the subject*): Uhhhhhh? You know….this music video describes pretty much my current situation. You fellers abducted me in your spaceship to bring music to your planet, and I’m also feeling blue because I miss my home and my darlin’ daughter…Hmmm perhaps, like in this video, someone from Earth will arrive in another spaceship and come save me by doing some karate chops on you fellers?

Jimdar: Do not be obtuse Mike Check! We Martains may not understand your strange culture, but we do understand that you Earthlings do not have the technology to travel to Mars in “your current time of 2018”. And by the time you do, which is doubtful, at your earth age, you will have already deceased.

Mike Check: Now I’m really feeling “blue”.

Jimdar: Agggh! Look, the blue creatures and the Earthings are all happily dancing together in the end on the video clip. That makes me feel like—

Mike Check: Blue?

Jimdar: No! To go: “Da Ba Dee”! Go Kcuf yourselves!

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