Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) by Scatman John

Checkdar: What other Earth music do you have for us Mike Check?

Mike Check: Well there feller. I understand that Martian is a strange language to me, the only phrase I’m familiar with is “I love you” which is “EEP OPP ORK AHAH”?

Gaiedar: Oh Mike Check. Repeat that phrase. Repeat it Quickly.

Jimdar: Quiet, Gaiedar! (*to Mike*) What is your point Mike Check!

Mike Check: Welll, speaking of strange languages, how about I play a scat song by a feller named Scatman John here on…MMCR!

Jimdar: What is the meaning of what this vile human is saying? This does not sound like any Earth language that I have studied nor is it any dialect on Mars?!

Mike Check: Well, it called Scat singing, it’s…

Jimdar: Quiet! I must decipher what this human is saying?

Mike Check: But he’s not actually saying anything. Scat singing is just gibberish—

Jimdar: I said, quiet!

Checkdar: But we cannot be quiet since Kimar wishes to here commentary on this music?

Jimdar: Very well! At least lower the volume for your voices so I can have the ability least listen.

Gaiedar: Don’t despair Jimdar, I will stay silent as I do not care about the message anyway.

Jimdar: Well at least there is another being here that has some sense.

Gaiedar: That is because I wish to only stare at the human man in the video…the facial hair on his upper lip make him seem so…LARGE AND MUSCULAR!

Jimdar: Gaiedar! As I have facial hair as Mike Check would classify on Earth as a “Goatee”, I command that you cease your strange comments as they bring forth discomfort!

Gaiedar: And your “Goatee” also makes you appear so—

Jimdar: Quiet and go Kcuf yourself!

Gaiedar: Affirmative.

Jimdar: Good!…Wait!? What!?

Mike Check: Fellers? Shouldn’t we get back to talking about the song? And they say that ole Mike rambles on and on. Oh, that reminds me of a story, did I ever tell you fellers about the time that RJ got mad at Brad Brakestown for getting sidetracked—

Checkdar (*interrupts*): Who is this “Brakestown”?

Mike Check: Well, he—

Jimdar: Quiet! I think I have deciphered the meaning of “Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop”

Mike Check: What is it feller? Not that there is actually any meaning?

Jimdar: It means…Go Kcuf yourself!

Checkdar: Blasphemy! Mike Check? You should not have played music with such foul language?

Jimdar: No you fool! Towards Mike Check I was being, as they say on Earth, “sarcastic”! He is correct! There is no meaning to this! It’s Stupid! Just like all of human entertainment and culture!

Mike Check: Weelll, I have one word to describe the meaning of this moment right now fellers, *sigh*…Fascinating.

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