The Boppin’ Martian by Dick Robinson

Mike Check: Checkdar? Can your leader King…I mean Kimar really keep me here hostage for the rest of my life?

Checkdar: Affirmative, Mike Check. He indeed can as he is our leader and is the ruler of all of Mars.

Mike Check: But he’s not my leader there feller. Back on Earth, I’m from a great country we call America, and our President grants us the freedoms to live how we choose.

Checkdar: And who is your “leader” who gives you these “freedoms”?

Mike Check: Well he’s name is…Ronald Regan–

Checkdar: But my data banks say it’s a human, with fascinating orange hair, known as Donald Trump?

Mike Check: Ah? Nope. You computer there is wrong? There’s no way that feller would ever win a popular vote? Why don’t you check your computer there more closely?

Checkdar: (*focuses more carefully on his computer*) I think your information is neg…(*Checkdar looks up and finds that Mike Check has run away*) Oh no, Kimar won’t like this?…(*Checkdar panics, but stops when he sees the 8 foot tall robot, known as Torg 6, returning with Mike Check in it’s grasp and them puts him back in his chair*)

Kimar (*shows up on a video screen located on Torg 6’s abdomen*) Checkdar! You fool, why have you let Mike Check attempt escape?

Checkdar: My apologies there Kimar. Mike Check had tricked me.

Kimar: You are fortunate that Torg 6 was on guard to re-capture the Earthling or you would have faced execution!

Checkdar: My apologies again. I will perform a more sufficient job in the future.

Kimar: See that you do. I’m leaving now. Offscreen.

Checkdar: I must also apologize to you Mike Check, but I have my orders. And it would be also a great shame for you to leave as I have been finding your long Earth stories “fascinating”…there, I am using that word of yours again?

Mike Check: Yeah, well many…many…many…many…of my Earth friends seem to find my Earth stories boring for some reason? You know there feller, if we were a radio duo on Earth; I would be Marty Bop, you would be Bo Martian, hosting the “The Boppin’ Martian dance hour”. Which reminds me, did I ever tell you about the time—

(*Mike’s story is not heard on air as today’s song plays over the top of him*)

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