Satellite of Love by Lou Reed

Kimar: Greetings Mike Check. Since Jimdar has been proving to be difficult, I have procured another member that will assist you on your music radio…Meet Gaiedar.

Gaiedar: Well Beam me………………………..Up! Hga hga hga. Greetings Mike Check of the planet Earth. This is Lt. Col. Gaiedar, 3rd in command of the MFS Satellite LXIX. I have made requests to Kimar to co-host this progrem with the one they call Mike Check.

Kimar: Affirmative. And I command that you stop insisting on touching my antennae, as you attempted to perform during our walking journey to this radio studio location. My antenna is only for Fe-males, specifically my wife Momar, the Queen of Mars.

Gaiedar: Well. You are viewing the new “Queen of Mars”, if you comprehend what I’m making reference to? Hga hga hga.

Kimar: Negative. I do not? I’m leaving now.

Mike Check: (*to Gaiedar*): So…feller. You’re another fan of mine?

Gaiedar: Affirmative, Mike Check. But not just of your music but of your interesting Earthing body structure. It’s making both my antennae stand to attention. Hga hga hga.

Mike Check: Ehhhh? I’m not sure that I understand your particular reference there feller? But since you are here, do you wish to make today’s requests?

Gaiedar: Oh I have something in mind (*winks*)

Checkdar (*interjects*): I’m assuming Mike Check means musically, Gaiedar?

Gaiedar: Understood, Checkdar. I do not have a specific request in mind but since I’m currently in a “Satellite”—

Mike Check: Well speaking of “Satellites”, I think I might know the perfect song there feller? How about; “Satellite of Love” by Lou Reed?

Gaiedar: Yes, please repeat that last phrase quickly. That would be pleasurable.

Mike Check: Ah? “Sat-el-lite of Love”?

Gaiedar: Affirmative. Now I request to use the song title to make an innuendo in the hope that we soon have coitus. So would you enjoy viewing my large-sized “Satellite of Love”, Mike Check?

Mike Check: Ah? No. Get outta here Gaiedar!…(*to himself*) Ah? where have I heard that before?

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