Martian Hop by The Ran-Dells

Mike Check: Weell today…

Kimar (*walks in with Jimdar*): My apologizes Mike Check. Jimdar was not supposed to leave in the midst of your prograem yesterday and I have ordered Jimdar to return. Now Jimdar, apologize to Mike Check at once.

Jimdar: Go Kcuf yourself!

Kimar: JIIIIIIMDARR! I command you to also apologize to Mike Check for your colorful metaphors!

Jimdar: No! This vile earthling should be the one apologizing! This new “noise” that you earthlings call “music” has corrupted the Martian race! Our youth were fine the way they were! Such superior and intellectual beings have now have been reduced to a generation of nincompoops because of this man! Before this “music” their most popular activity was engaging in ‘Spaceball’ sporting activities! I was the most superior “Spaceball” competitor in my youth, before I met my useless wife, and I had on one occasion scored four down-touches in one match! No other Martian has ever achieve such a record!

Kimar: Enough rambling Jimdar!

Jimdar: Rambling?! Why do you not tell that to today’s youth who are all wasting their time with this this…”dancing on the foot” or what ever that stupid movement is called?!

Mike Check: Dancing? Perhaps they are doing the “Martian Hop”? But whatever it is, it sure seems like your kids are only having fun there feller?

Jimdar: Fun?! You know what used to be fun for Jimdar before this “music”?! Kcuf! Yes, we do that here too before you ask! And you know who won’t Kcuf me anymore?! My Wife! Ever since she discovered you, my wife Claredar stopped consuming my MMQ sauce and is too busy pleasuring her antennae to your boring earth voice and stupid earth music!

Kimar: That’s quite enough Jimdar! We need Mike Check and his music because it was part of Chochem’s prophecy.

Jimdar: Kcuf Chochem! I’m leaving now! All this trouble for an old man in a stupid hat…oh, and stay away from my kcufing wife! (*storms out*)

Kimar: My apologizes Mike Check. Jimdar may not have picked up on your music but he has picked up what you on earth call “profanity” and “paranoia”.

Mike Check: Well, that feller seems to be some kind of…familiar? Anyway, here’s a song by The Ran-Dells that’s just right for you fellers on Mars dancing the “Martian Hop”, here on THE MACKER!

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