Transmitting Live From Mars by De La Soul / Knocked Out Joint On Mars by Buck Trail

Mike Check: Weeell fellers! The Mike Check Show is now “Transmitting Live From Mars” on a new radio station known as MMCR, with my partners Chackdar and Jimdar, and I’m being told that it still can be heard on the planet Earth as we’re also simulcasting over at KMCR: THE MACKER! So I hope you Martians out there enjoy this song by ‘De La Soul’—

Mike Check: Uh? I’m not quite sure what that was…but perhaps I could find another song to play?

Jimdar: Such vile noises! If your next Kcufing song is as putrid as that, then I’m leaving now! (*leaves*)

Mike Check: Uh? Well? But before I find another song, I just wanted to say that this Martian Kimar feller’s assistant; Chekdar, who’s still here co-hosting to show with ole Mike, has seemed to have turned this “Knocked Out Joint On Mars” into a fine studio, let me tell you.

Checkdar: My gratitude Mike Check, but I cannot take complete credit for making this possible. It was actually with the help of my daughter who is 8 of your Earth years old. As you would say, she is one hell of a whiz kid, I will tell you.

Mike Check: Really? Well that’s swell there feller. I also have a daughter on Earth that was quite good those there computers at that age. But she sounds like “a special kind of girl” just like in the ‘Buck Trail’ song that I’m about to play. Where is she?

Checkdar: She is performing her Martian studies at the moment. But oh…we should play the song. Would I be able to speak your line?

Mike Check: Sure.

Chekdar: Here’s “Knocked Up Joint On Mars”, herrrrreee on…THE MARKER!

Mike Check: Actually it’s “Knocked Out Joint” and we’re on “THE MACKER”. But nice try there feller.

Checkdar: My apologizes for my foolishness Mike Check, I have a lot to learn from you. But what does it mean by “Knocked Out Joint”?

Mike Check: Weelll don’t worry about that and just listen to the song there feller.

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