UFO (Answer To The Flying Saucer) by Syd Lawrence

Mike Check: Still no “answer” from the Martians this week, but we have another novelty song, although it’s not by Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman but Syd Lawrence’s “UFO (Answer To The Flying Saucer)”. But I’m not sure if we should play this as I think these tunes have “insulted” them?…just like I was last week when I heard the news that Ringo was knigh—

Mike’s daughter: DAD! Stop it! It’s like I told you? The Martians are probably bored of you and gave up on The Mike Check Show? If they were going to invade, they would have done it by now? And besides, Doc Brown is probably fixing the problem as we speak…or he fixed it in the past…or will in the future? Whatever? The point is, let’s just forget about the whole Martian thing and let’s just focus on our 7th Anniversary coming up in a few days—

(*Mike’s daughter is interrupted as Stewart Patrick is beamed into Mike Check’s house*)

Stewart Patrick: Hello Mike Check and Daughter. It is I Stewart Patrick, Shakespearean ACTOR and spokesman for “Pontiac”.

Mike Check: Why are you here there feller? Do you have some information about the Martians who might be invading us?

Stewart Patrick: I do not know anything about your Martians? Do you perceive me to be some sort of Starship captain?

Mike’s Daughter: But aren’t you—???

Stewart Patrick: No. I am not. Perhaps you have me confused with some other gentleman? No, I am here on behalf of Pontiac who have just signed a deal with wrestlecrapradio.com to advertise the all new “Pontiac Montana El Fantasma”: It’s not just an updated transport, it’s so much more. It’s features include a brand new air filter and—

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t care about the features! Just get on with it!

Stewart Patrick: Very well. Do not purchase just any “unidentified flying object”, go down to your nearest Pontiac showroom and get the “Montana El Fantasma” today…from PONTIAC! $2000 cashback!…I’m leaving now. (*beams out*)

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t know what that was all about? But we still have no “answer” on the Martians?

Mike Check: I don’t know there either there darlin’. But the only answer we have is the song “UFO”: which is the answer to “The Flying Saucer” song, here on…THE MACKER!


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