Flying Saucer Goes West by Dickie Goodman / Matchbox by The Beatles

Mike Check: Darlin’? You haven’t heard anything from those Martians in the last few weeks have ya there?

Mike’s daughter: No, not since “Love On The Ropes Month?

Mike Check: Weell, that’s peculiar? Do you think it’s because they’re mad at us and planning their attack or something?

Mike’s daughter: No. But Steve Austin sure did that to you last week (*laughs*).

Mike Check: Don’t remind me there darlin’.

Mike’s daughter: Sorry. But maybe the Martians got bored of your boring monotone voice, just like the rest of us on Earth, and decided to invade Jupiter instead or some…(*hears a news notification tone on her computer*)

Mike Check: Is that the Martians there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: No, my computer has just notified me of some important news. Just introduce the song while a read it.

Mike Check: Okay. Well back to the Martians, I don’t know where they’ve gone but perhaps they went “west”? Just like the Dickie Goodman novelty song; “Flying Saucer Goes West”? Here on…THE MACKER!

Mike Check: Ha Ha, those novelty songs always put ole Mike back in a good mood. So, what are you reading there darlin’.

Mike’s daughter: Oh…nothing. You said that you’re in a good mood, so I don’t want to—

Mike Check: It’s okay. What is it?

Mike’s daughter: Well. it’s nothing to do with our Martian problem but…forget it, it’s not important—

Mike Check: Just tell me there darlin’, it can’t be that bad?

Mike’s daughter: Okay…Well you remember Ringo Starr?

Mike Check: Yes, that old scoundrel that tried to ruin my “This Is Your Life” special? What about him?

Mike’s daughter: Well. He just received a knighthood for his services to music—

Mike Check: Knighthood?! There’s no way in heck that ole Mike will ever refer to that hack drummer as Sir Ringo!? Services to music!? HA! Ole mike has crapped more services to music than he ever did in his whole life! I mean, those stupid songs! Did I ever tell you about that time back when we where room mates and he burned a ‘Matchbox hole in my clothes’? That’s where the song “Matchbox” comes from! I think I’ll have to hit him! Well darn thanks, that ruined my mood, let me tell you!

Mike’s daughter: Okay dad, please calm down. That’s why I asked you not to tell you.


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