Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair by Robert Wilson

Weelll hello there fellers! My daughter was playing me the latest episode of, WWCR: THE WHACKER, where RJ and Brad interviewed Trish Stratus from the WWWF. Well those greenhorns only asked her one question about her favorite breakfast cereal? Fascinating. If ole Mike had interviewed that pretty filly, I would have asked her for more than that, let me tell you…that’s right, I would have asked her about if she preferred being blonde or brunette? Well I seem to remember them debating that same question once where RJ said that he preferred her as a blonde whereas Brad preferred her with “Brown Hair”? Although I think that Brad later dedicated the wrong song to her and got the lyrics to “Brown Eyed Girl” all messed up? If ole Mike would have dedicated the song, I would have played “Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair” or should I say ‘I dream of “Patty” with the light brown hair’ here on…THE MACKER!

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