Honeymoon On A Rocketship by Hank Snow

Mike Check: Weelll fellers on Earth and also those who are still listening there on the planet Mars…apparently. I hope you all enjoyed “Love On The Ropes” Month? And to take us “home”, not literally, but if you were to do that you’d probably be taking a Rocketship? And for those happening to be getting hitched today, maybe you’re having your “Honeymoon On A Rocketship”? …Well anyway, here’s Hank Snow, on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s daughter: Dad! My signal is jammed again?

(*A Martian voice is heard over the speakers*): Greetings Mike Check. This is Kimar and I wish to comment that we on the planet Mars have found this “love music” as you say “Fascinating”. As leader of Mars, I have made a decision to inv–(*signal is broken*)

Mike’s daughter: Hello? Hello? You decided to…what? (*to Mike*) dammit. Not again. What was he about to say before we were cut off? It sounded like “inv—

Mike Check: Invade! Oh no, they’re going to invade the Earth there darlin?

Mike’s daughter: Don’t jump to conclusions dad? Perhaps he was going to say “invite”? But invite to what? Ah?…Dammit, where’s Doc Brown when you need him?

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