EEP OPP ORK AHAH by Violent Femmes

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! There’s something wrong with my computer? (*bangs on the screen*)

Mike Check: What is it there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t know? Something’s jamming my signal?

(*An unknown voice is suddenly heard through the speakers*)

“Unknown Voice”: Greetings Mike Check. This is Kimar, leader of the Planet Mars, and I wish to make requests from you?

Mike Check: Requests??? (*whispers to his daughter*) Oh no. Perhaps they’re requesting to invade the Earth?

Mike’s Daughter: (*whispers*) I don’t think so? Wait? Why are we whispering? Can they hear us?

Kimar: Is anybody there? Mike Check. I have broadcast my voice over to your Earth base as my people of the planet Mars request to hear what you Earthlings call more music on the topic known as “Love”.

Mike Check: Ah? Okay? But why do you want to request our music there space feller?

Kimar: Ever since 17 of your Earth months ago when we on the planet Mars had destroyed…(*break in transmission*)

Mike’s Daughter: Are you there? Are you there? (*to Mike*) No, I think he’s gone dad? So, should we play…eh…Love songs for the Martians? I mean, should we even trust them, I can’t seem to forget the time back last October when Doc Brown warned us about them invading the Earth sometime this year?

Mike Check: Perhaps we should? Maybe they’ll be nice to us if we play some love songs for them? But I didn’t like the part when he mentioned the word “destroy” before the signal broke?

Mike’s Daughter: Neither do I but…well, I guess we should stick to our instincts, since Doc told us not to do anything differently, so–?

Mike Check: So….Weell…on the planet earth we may say “I love you” but you fellers who might be listening to us over on the planet Mars might be saying “EEP OPP ORK AHAH”, on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Are you sure that’s what they say? Isn’t that just a song from “The Jetsons”?

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. They’re listening.

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