Get Down by B4-4

Mike Check: Weell hello there fellers! Since ole Mike Check needs to make the rent this month, I just need to announce that our sponsors over at…the archive for all things WWCR: THE WHACKER related, are also playing today’s music video which includes some feller called…Doug…Doug Manson dancing to it wearing a Gillberg mask, for some unknown reason?

Mike’s daughter: Actually it’s Don…Don Mason and I think he’s wearing a Gillman mask? I should know, he once insisted wearing that damn mask and using some Reddi-wip when he went down on…I mean…singing the song “Get Down”?

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there darlin’? But I guess that a cue to play “Get Down” by B4-4 here on..THE MACKER!

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