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I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift / Crush ‘Em by Megadeth

Mike’s Daughter: Oh my god this is so fun! I should had gone into radio! Here come some more crap for you Raging_Demons!

*A chorus can be heard outside singing the lyrics to “I Did A Bad Thing”*

Mike’s Daughter: Just what the hell is going out there?

*Rapid knocking on the door*

Mike’s Daughter: OK! OK!

*Mike Check’s Daughter opens the door to see a bunch of people on the front lawn with tiki torches and dressed business casual*

Mike’s Daughter: WHAT THE FU–?!?

???: Aw. You were der one that are playing rhe music of our dere goddess?

*The chorus on the lawn now sing “..Ready For It?”*

Mike’s Daughter: And who, or what exactly, is all this!?!?

Heir Weiner: Allow me to introduce ourselves here. I am Heir Veiner–

Mike’s Daughter: Hah! You called yourself WEINER!

Heir Weiner: SILENCE! As I was saying my name is Heir Veiner and we are “The White Swifties”. Ve’re a bunch of concerned gentlemen vho are concerned nowadays vith the current elewent of what’s going on today vith CERTAIN people coming into–

Mike’s Daughter: So you’re a bunch of Nazi racists that’s here on my lawn?!

Heir Weiner: SILENCE! Ve’re here because you vere playing the music of our true Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift!

Mike’s Daughter: Wait a minute! Nazi racists on my lawn worship Taylor Swift?

Heir Weiner: And ve would like it, no we DEMAND IT, that you play more about our Aryan Goddess RIGHT NOW!

Mike’s Daughter: Listen here! My dad has a little hobby of making his so-called, whatever it is, into a radio station. He has never heard of Taylor Swift at all! My dad is somewhat unconscious as we speak and there’s this douchebag of a boss that likes to request songs for himself around this time and. *goes back in the home, ejects the “Reputation” CD, puts it back in the case to show to Heir Weiner* I’m playing this god awful CD to ruin it for him!

*The White Swifties loudly gasp*

Heir Weiner: HOW DARE YOU! How dare that an Aryan naturally endowed woman like yourself–

Mike’s Daughter: They’re Natural! Wait! You said they were real. Thank you~!

Heir Weiner: Can consider The Goddess our nation’s latest album “avful”?!? *turns to the crowd* MEN! We shall take over this radio station so we can play all the Taylor Swift music ve vant!

Mike’s Daughter: NO! YOU CAN’T!

Heir Weiner: Vi Not…? *interrupted as he is speared outta nowhere by, 2018 WWE Hall Of Famer, Bill Goldberg*

Goldberg *gets up*: Why not?! Because…YOU’RE NEXT!

(Theme: Invasion by Christian Poulet and Jean-Yves Rigo)

Goldberg *picks Heir Weiner up for The Jackhammer*: Now, any more of you Nazi punks have anything to say?!

*The rest of the White Swifties run away*

Mike’s Daughter: Thank you Gold…*Goldberg grabs the Taylor Swift CD* Hey?! What are you doing?!

Goldberg: CRUSH ‘EM! *crushes CD with his foot and hands her over a Megadeth CD* And by “Crush ‘Em”, I mean that Raging_Demons sent me here for you to play this…NEXT!

Mike’s Daughter: But…*Goldberg starts to look cranky* Okay, Okay I’ll play it! *mumbles to herself* Damn that Raging_Demons.


…Ready For It? by Taylor Swift

Mike’s Daughter: How long is Dad out for? Usually when he has one of his whiskey passouts he’s awake the next day? *laughs* How lucky can I get?! Ok nerd I hope your “Ready For It” because I’m going to cram more bad music down your throat!

Look At What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Mike’s Daughter: Dad’s out for the night. Time to sneak it in. *Inserts “Reputation” CD* You had this coming for awhile douchebag! Now that I know how to run things with Dad’s equipment this is going to be so much fun! If Dad comes by seeing me screwing up your damn requests I’m going to say “Oh No Dad! Look At What You Made Me Do!!!” *Evil cacke* Suck on some of the worst music of 2017 assclown!

867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone

Mike Check:…And that was “867-5309” otherwise known as “Jenny” by Tommy Tutone right here on KMCR. Interesting facts here about that song–

*Mike’s Daughter rolls her eyes in boredom*

Mike Check: Once it was played all the phone companies cancelled all versions of that number that means if you have an active one your sure are lucky there fellers! Also it created that all TV and movies have to use the 555 number–

Mike’s Daugthter (yawns in boredom): Fascinating.

Mike Check: Up next is Mike Check Fan Fiction Theater but first this break.

Mike’s Daughter: Where’s that list of that dildo’s song requests for the week?

Mike Check: Its right over there. I’m gonna go to the head.

Mike’s Daughter: Sure. Sure. Oh this is gonna be great! Raging_Demons is going to get what’s coming to him.

Mike Check: Darlin’ we’re out of toilet paper.

Mike’s Daughter: Its in the linen closet.

*Mike Check’s Daughter grins evily as she holds a CD copy of “Reputation” by Taylor Swift behind her back.*

Human Touch by Rick Springfield

Mike Check: Well you know what today is Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Today’s the day when that idiot Raging_Demons gets his week of songs to celebrate the mistake that God made by giving him birth.

Mike Check: DARLIN’!

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah whatever. What dumb song did he wanted to play for today?

Mike Check: Grab that album over there and play “Human Touch” by that Rick Springfield feller there.

Mike’s Daughter: Fine!

Children by Robert Miles

Bengawan Solo by Gesang Martohartono

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