In Living Color by Heavy D and Eddie F / Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, I know that my apparent “internship” was a failure but we need to play a brand new song today on The Mike Check Show. Oh and if Raging_Demons asks, this song was your idea? Okay?

Mike Check: Okay there darlin’…you’re talkin about that feller from! It’s your archive for all things RJ and Brad related! It may not be exciting as your ole buddy Mike Check in a helicopter or playin’ some golden tones over in your particular market, but—

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupts*): Yes dad! You don’t need to do the sponsorship thing today! But anyway, the song’s by Bruno Mars—

Mike Check: ‘Mars’? ‘Mars’? Why does that word remind me of something?

Mike’s Daughter: You’re probably thinking about the apparent Martian invasion that Doc Brown said was going to happen this year?

Mike Check: That’s right…oh no, I just hope that Doc does something with that time machine to stop our impending doom?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah, he’s probably found a way to fix everything already…although if he did, would we be remembering it right now?…I don’t know…Anyway, speaking of going in a “time machine”, the music video of this song is a throwback of the show “In Living Color”, that was on all the way back to the 1990’s—

Mike Check: Oh, yes I remember that, but the 1990’s wasn’t that long ago darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Well the 90’s were like 20 or so years ago dad?

Mike Check: Fascinating. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, but in your case, time flew from the 1890s.

Mike Check: I might be old there darlin’ but ole Mike still has all the “Finesse” around here on…THE MACKER!

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