Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary MacGregor

Weell hello there fellers! Since my darlin’ daughter had some recent trouble with those fellers over at, and so Raggy_David doesn’t have me sent back to the slammer, we here at The Mike Check Show have arranged with his boss, Premier Blake, to have ole Mike gainfully employed as a sponsorship spokesman of their website over on RJ and Brad‘s latest progrem of WWCR, number #269.

So make sure to visit! It’s your archive for all things RJ and Brad related! It may not be exciting as your ole buddy Mike Check in a helicopter or playin’ some golden tones over in your particular market, but I guarantee you, straight from Premier Blake himself, that you’ll have a very…very…very…very…fascinating grand ole time over at…THE WHACKER!

Well now that ole Mike’s services are available to the highest bidder, this reminds me of the time I worked the Macon, Georgia market at several stations trying to find someone who’d to acquire my services. I did not work under my real name of Mike Check, I went under name “Bobby Peach”. And my sign off was always: “If you shave my peaches, you’ll see my cream”. Sadly that did not play well in that particular market and people got offended by it…I don’t know why? But anyway, seeing that there many people looking for my services, it makes me feel like I’m “Torn Between Two Lovers”, just like “Mary MacGregor” here on…THE MACKER!…brought to you courtesy of!

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