Shut Up and Drive by Weep

Raging_Demons (on speaker phone): Now that we have everybody here let’s talk about what happened the past month. Mike, you do not have any authority to create any internships for your “radio station” and if we did we’re certainly not of all people are not going to let your daughter have one. Moving forward if you need any hired help just give us a call okay?

Mike Check: Yes, sir.

Raging_Demons: Now Mike, we’re not going to punish you. However your daughter–

Mike’s Daughter: What about me, dork?

Raging_Demons: Well you changed my requests without my permission, you were playing music that incited a bunch of racists–

Mike’s Daughter: That’s a lie, Fake News!

Raging_Demons: Fake news? Really? Luckily Bill Goldberg owed me a favor after not reaching your dad, so I asked him to check out the area and he heard and saw everything! Now out of all people how did you not know that Taylor Swift had Nazi fans?

Mike’s Daughter: Fake news?

Raging_Demons: Even with my subtle warnings you still continued on with this behavior. Mike, if your daughter touches your equipment, play one song ever again after this call, or even creates a mess like this your going back to prison you understand me?

Mike Check: Yes, sir.

Raging_Demons: Now you. I think the punishment fits the crime here since you DO love music. I never planned to request this song but let me ask you a question. Ever hear of a band called “Weep?”

Mike’s Daughter: No, never heard of them.

Raging_Demons: You probably haven’t but Weep can be considered itself an indie band that’s influenced by goth and you probably heard if their singer; a man by the name of Doc Hammer. Does that name ring a bell?

Mike’s Daughter: Why should I…No! NO! Not that!

Raging_Demons: That’s right, Doc Hammer co-created…”The Venture Bros!”

Mike’s Daughter (sobbing): OH no, no, no!

Raging_Demons: Your going to play Weep’s cover of the Rhianna’s classic; “Shut Up And Drive”, and if you don’t play it, Daddy goes back to jail!

Mike’s Daughter: FINE!

Raging_Demons: And do it like dear old dad!

Mike’s Daughter (clenching her teeth): Here’sShutUpAndDrivebyWeepHereOnTheMacker.

Raging_Demons: OH and Mike, please make sure that no one messes with Kai’s Eurovision songs please.

Mike Check: No problem, sir.

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