Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street by The Kids / God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

Mike Check: Darlin’ can you get the next track ready?

Mike’s Daughter; Sure Dad! Gotta do this fast. OH I hope the dork knows how to get to Sesame Street! *Cackle*

Mike Check: Wait a minute! That doesn’t sound like the song that Raggy_David requested?

Mike’s Daughter: Oh yeah its the song that he requested. He was just on the phone right now and said he wanted that particular song Daddy. *sad face pout*

Mike Check: Well I can’t get mad at *computer sounds off “YOU GOT MAIL!”* I got to go check on the electronic mail there. *reads e-mail* Darlin’ I have to play this now.

Mike’s Daughter: Play what?

Mike Check This song by Johnny Cash, it’s dedicated to “the person that’s been messing around with KMCR this past week.” According to the title of the song if Johnny Cash is telling you that “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” then you are in for some serious trouble!

Mike’s Daughter: ULP!

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