I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift / Crush ‘Em by Megadeth

Mike’s Daughter: Oh my god this is so fun! I should had gone into radio! Here come some more crap for you Raging_Demons!

*A chorus can be heard outside singing the lyrics to “I Did A Bad Thing”*

Mike’s Daughter: Just what the hell is going out there?

*Rapid knocking on the door*

Mike’s Daughter: OK! OK!

*Mike Check’s Daughter opens the door to see a bunch of people on the front lawn with tiki torches and dressed business casual*

Mike’s Daughter: WHAT THE FU–?!?

???: Aw. You were der one that are playing rhe music of our dere goddess?

*The chorus on the lawn now sing “..Ready For It?”*

Mike’s Daughter: And who, or what exactly, is all this!?!?

Heir Weiner: Allow me to introduce ourselves here. I am Heir Veiner–

Mike’s Daughter: Hah! You called yourself WEINER!

Heir Weiner: SILENCE! As I was saying my name is Heir Veiner and we are “The White Swifties”. Ve’re a bunch of concerned gentlemen vho are concerned nowadays vith the current elewent of what’s going on today vith CERTAIN people coming into–

Mike’s Daughter: So you’re a bunch of Nazi racists that’s here on my lawn?!

Heir Weiner: SILENCE! Ve’re here because you vere playing the music of our true Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift!

Mike’s Daughter: Wait a minute! Nazi racists on my lawn worship Taylor Swift?

Heir Weiner: And ve would like it, no we DEMAND IT, that you play more about our Aryan Goddess RIGHT NOW!

Mike’s Daughter: Listen here! My dad has a little hobby of making his so-called, whatever it is, into a radio station. He has never heard of Taylor Swift at all! My dad is somewhat unconscious as we speak and there’s this douchebag of a boss that likes to request songs for himself around this time and. *goes back in the home, ejects the “Reputation” CD, puts it back in the case to show to Heir Weiner* I’m playing this god awful CD to ruin it for him!

*The White Swifties loudly gasp*

Heir Weiner: HOW DARE YOU! How dare that an Aryan naturally endowed woman like yourself–

Mike’s Daughter: They’re Natural! Wait! You said they were real. Thank you~!

Heir Weiner: Can consider The Goddess our nation’s latest album “avful”?!? *turns to the crowd* MEN! We shall take over this radio station so we can play all the Taylor Swift music ve vant!

Mike’s Daughter: NO! YOU CAN’T!

Heir Weiner: Vi Not…? *interrupted as he is speared outta nowhere by, 2018 WWE Hall Of Famer, Bill Goldberg*

Goldberg *gets up*: Why not?! Because…YOU’RE NEXT!

(Theme: Invasion by Christian Poulet and Jean-Yves Rigo)

Goldberg *picks Heir Weiner up for The Jackhammer*: Now, any more of you Nazi punks have anything to say?!

*The rest of the White Swifties run away*

Mike’s Daughter: Thank you Gold…*Goldberg grabs the Taylor Swift CD* Hey?! What are you doing?!

Goldberg: CRUSH ‘EM! *crushes CD with his foot and hands her over a Megadeth CD* And by “Crush ‘Em”, I mean that Raging_Demons sent me here for you to play this…NEXT!

Mike’s Daughter: But…*Goldberg starts to look cranky* Okay, Okay I’ll play it! *mumbles to herself* Damn that Raging_Demons.


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