Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton

Mike Check (sighs): Darlin’

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah?

Mike Check: Yesterday’s song and delivery was…

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah?

Mike Check: It was terrible. Was that really a song?

Mike’s Daughter Yes its a song unlike all the random crap you played during the years that no one has heard of!

Mike Check: Hush there missy or else I’m gonna bend you over my knee to give you a good spanking! *coughs* So. What do you have for today?

Mike’s Daughter: Well for today…I have The Lonely Island.

Mike Check: What is a Lonely Island?

Mike’s Daughter: Only the next best thing to Weird Al, DAD!

Mike Check: Now you hush yer mouth! Even though I don’t see eye-to-eye with him Weird Al Yankovic is a man among men!

Mike’s Daughter: Oh come on Dad! Its Andy Sandberg and his friends! Their songs, as you say, “plays well in their market”

Mike Check: Oh all right! I’m always open to up-and-coming talent. What are they called again?

Mike’s Daughter: They are called The Lonely Island, with Michael Bolton, and they got a song called “Jack Sparrow” here on The MACKER~! *bounce*


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