Bed Intruder Song by Antoine Dodson and The Gregory Brothers feat. Kelly Dodson

Mike Check: OK not bad for your first start there Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: Not Bad?!? You weren’t even there during the song was played!

Mike Check: I was. Uh. Was. Filling out log books, yes.

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah I knew that you were doing.

Mike Check: So. What do you have for today?

Mike’s Daughter: Well Dad in today’s world anything can be a song.

Mike Check: Oh come on now. Anything can’t be a song?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes anything can be a song.

Mike Check: How?

Mike’s Daughter: Well there are a pair of guys out there called “The Gregory Brothers” and they took a news story about a guy named Antoine Dodson who was telling a news reporter about some guy who tried to invade his home and try to rape his sister.

Mike Check: Dear God! That was horrible!

Mike’s Daughter: But The Gregory Brothers autotuned & edited it into a song and named it–

Mike Check: The Rapery McRaperson song?

Mike’s Daughter: More like “The Bed Intruder Song” here on the macker?

*Mike Check sighs*

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