Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

Mike Check: Darlin’ I’ve been thinking.

Mike’s Daughter: That can’t be a good sign–I mean yes Dad?

Mike Check: I think its time that we start your radio internship here at KMCR.

Mike’s Daughter: OK. So what do you do being an intern at a “radio station”?

Mike Check: You help out with the running of the station while providing help for the staff.

Mike’s Daughter: So basically its what I do here?

Mike Check: Your right, an internship would slow you down so we’re going to the next step. Do you have a promo reel?

Mike’s Daughter: What’s a promo reel?

Mike Check: How can you not know what a promo reel is?!? Your my owm flesh and blood! Maybe its you being a woman–

Mike’s Daughter: DAD!

Mike Check: Ok fine. We’re going to have to take extreme actions for this. For this week we’re having a live interview with you playing this week’s music selections!

Mike’s Daughter: WHAT?!?


Mike’s Daughter: I heard you! Why are you doing this?

Mike Check: Well after all what happened last year with SAM and his son Daryl I thought I create a backup plan if I had somethng happened to me. So Dariin’. What song are you going to play for today?

Mike’s Daughter: Well Dad since this is so sudden I thought I play a song from my work; “Bang Bang”

Mike Check: By Nancy Sinatra? That’s a classic.

Mike’s Daughter: Wrong song.

Mike Check: Well Rick Foley is not much of a singer there Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: NO. It’s by Jessie J–

Mike Check: Never heard of her.

Mike’s Daughter: Ariana Grande–

Mike Check: Never heard of her.

Mike’s Daughter And *sigh* Nicki Minaj.

Mike Check: Mmmmm. Ricky Minaj. I like her.

Mike’s Daughter: Unfortunately I noticed. Can I play the song without you making a mess after the last time you played a Nicki Minaj song?

Mike Check: You sure can and you can play it now here on…The Macker!

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