The Chipmunk Song by The Monarch, Henchman 21, and The Pupae Twins

*Knocks on the door*

Mike’s Daughter: Coming! *opens door*

[Theme:”Cool, Cocky, And Bad” by The Honky Tony Man”]

Honky Tonk Mailman: I’m The Honky Tonk Mailman and I got some mail here for a Mike…Check?

Mike’s Daughter: Here I’ll take it. Don’t tell me that The Great Khali has sent us another…*grabs the mail, opens it and takes a sigh of relief* It’s not…but wait a minute? This is from 2010? So what gives?

Honky Tonk Mailman: I always bring the mail here on time because I’m Cool, Cocky, and I’m Delivering You The Mail, Thank You Very Much!

Mike’s Daughter: But–

Honky Tonk Mailman: I’ll even give you the latest stamps that the U.S. Postal Service has to offer. *gives stamps*

Mike’s Daughter: What are these?

Honky Tonk Mailman: Those are Baron Corbin Stamps! Its like having the real thing in you hand as in one lick and it’ll feel like your watching a Baron Corbin match or hearing him speak!

Mike’s Daughter: What do you mean?

Honky Tonk Mailman: As in one lick from those stamps and you’ll immediately fall asleep from boredom like everything he does! Thank You Very Much! *Honky Tonk Mailman leaves*

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! *glancing at mail* We got a letter.

Mike Check: Really? From who?

Mike’s Daughter: Well its an old letter from…

Mike Check: What do they want Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: *glancing at the letter* Its a letter from…Raging_Demons? Pfft.

Mike Check: Now don’t get all salty there Darlin’. Remember the lesson that the Grand Poobah taught us yesterday…which was…I forget???

Mike’s Daughter: Fine. *glancing at the letter* Its kind of an introduction letter. It also says what he does, what he can do and…OH NO NO NO NO!

Mike Check: What is it Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Its…Its…ITS ANOTHER GOD DAMN VENTURE BROS. CHRISTMAS SONG! He wants you play “The Chipmunk Song”. He says its “one of his favorites”.

Mike Check: Well Alvin and The Chipmunks have a long library of songs.

Mike’s Daughter: The Christmas song Dad, lord knows how I know, but its the Christmas song.

Mike Check: I think I can play that song right now here on…THE MACKER!

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