The Christmas Song by Jillian Hall

Mike’s Daughter: Look dad, I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t know you were going to react like that?

Mike Check: I forgive you there darlin’. Perhaps it was me that also learned a lesson in being a better father and role model?

Mike’s Daughter: Ah okay? But it was me that was being a spoiled brat. I should have never said that I didn’t care that you could get choke-slammed. And I’ll try to stop my whining so much about what we play here.

Mike Check: Yes, but I think the reason that the Grand Salty—

Mike’s Daughter: Great Khali.

Mike Check: Sorry, Great Khali, had sent this Jillian Jingle album was to teach me about tolerance and respect. And seeing you acting like a brat made me realize that maybe I haven’t been great at showing respect to other races and genders. Perhaps ole Mike will finally turn over a new leaf—

(*door bell rings*)

Mike Check: Who could that be? (*opens door and the Great Khali appears*) Oh no, it’s you? But we played—


Mike’s Daughter: Khali says that ‘he thanks you for playing the album and came all the way back here to congratulate you in person about finally learning about respect. Oh, and he also wants to sing you a “Christmas song”, and has brought an old friend along to join in’.

Mike Check: Oh and who might that be?

(*Jillian Hall appears from behind Khali and starts singing “The Christmas song” in a high pitched squally voice*)

Mike Check: Well that was swell there fellers. Merry Christmas! (*closes front door and locks it*)

Mike’s Daughter: Well dad, that singing was freakin’ horrible and I don’t think I’m ever going to get that ringing out of my ears ever again. But, on the positive side, I guess it was a nice little Christmas present? What did you think?

Mike Check: Weeell, since ole Mike is going to stay positive I think…that Jillan filly sure has a nice set of hooters on her. But I wonder if her voice would still sound like a darn Indian elephant when she’s with ole Mike in the sack? Fascinating.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! But, I thought…(*sigh*)? Never-mind, it seems that the Politically incorrect Mike Check of old is back for Christmas? I guess you can say…”Hooray For Khali Claus!”

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