Jingle Bell Rock by Jillian Hall

Mike’s Daughter: I can’t believe that we have to play “Jingle With Jillian” for the rest of the week!

Mike Check: Not exactly Darlin’ That thingmajig said “We have to play it.” We played it and now we can move on.

Mike’s Daughter: Really Dad?!? *phone rings* Oh God Thanks! *phone rings* Jillian’s Hall music is real–

Mike Check: KMCR Radio?

RD Reynolds: It’s Your Old Buddy And Old Pal RD Reynolds here ONCE AGAIN..Well not really once again but did I just hear “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Jillian Hall from the Christmas CD “Jingle With Jillian?!?

Mike Check: Why yes I did play it there RJ! By the way is WWCR back on–

RD Reynolds: That’s my favorite Christmas CD of all time! Could you play “Jingle Bell Rock” along with the rest of the songs on the CD for the remaining week? Thanks! Bye! *phone click*

Mike Check: Darlin’, Bad News.

Mike’s Daughter: We’re playing the rest of the album for the week.

Mike Check: RJ was on the phone and he wants us to play the CD for the rest of the week. Its his favorite Christmas CD.

Mike’s Daughter: EEERRAAAWW!!! *grabs a bunch of dishes and throws them to the floor* DAMN!-DAMN!-DAMN! Woo!

Mike Check: That sounded like a former co-worker I had worked with on WWCR radio.

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